Air Pressure Pump Wine Bottle Opener Set

$19.99 $21.99
Color: Bronze

Packaged in an elegant marble printed storage box, this toolkit covers all core functions from opening to serving wine. Perfect gift for wine lovers, connoisseur, and enthusiast. 

  • Pressure Pump Opener: Slide the needle in, pump a few times, and remove the cork 
  • Aerator Pourer: Expand the aromatic profile, giving the wine much more flavor 
  • Vacuum Stopper: Removes excess air to better preserve wine 
  • Foil Cutter: Remove the foil covering on wine bottles

Product Specs 

  • Dimensions box: 9 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches (L x W x H) 
  • Content Material: Aluminum Alloy, ABS Plastic, Teflon Weight: 13 oz 
  • Included Accessories: Air Pump Wine Opener, Wine Aerator Pourer, Vacuum Stopper, Foil Cutter

Care Instruction 

  • Wipe clean with damp cloth
  • Dry Immediately
  • Do not place in the dishwasher

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